How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

February 3, 2021

So Instagram has just introduced a feature which will benefit its users, the newly added “recently deleted” folder allows users to bring back a post they deleted, the new feature basically acts as a temporary archive storage for a number of days. Whether you made a mistake or you just changed your mind about something you posted, you can now restore photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and stories. Instagram likes to understand its users and this will give them a much broader insight on how people think on the platform.

A typical scenario is when an account is hacked, one of the first things the hacker tends to do is delete all the hacked accounts posts in an attempt to sell the account with its followers later or just to punish their victim for whatever reason. This new feature will now keep everything secure, also in addition to permanently delete an account, users will now need to verify themselves as the owner via email.

Deleted post will be saved and stored for 30 days while Instagram stories will be saved for 24 hours. The location of the deleted files will be in Settings > Account > Recently Deleted. This update came shortly after the DM features being disabled in Europe from other countries that the EU law recently set in place. The App brings the opportunity to recover content which may have gained the user more followers and likes. In the end, to conclude the new feature, this is obviously a plus for users and Instagram themselves as they can now collect more content data from their users and get a better understanding of their behavioural patterns to improve develop more features on the application and continue to lead the social media world.


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